Understanding the End of Days and the Second Coming of Jesus

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With the events going on in the world, many people are concerned the end is near. What does the Bible say about the end of the world, and how do you know when this will occur? First, the Bible says that no man knows the day or the hour when Jesus will come to take His church away in Matthew 24:36-44.

The Seasonal Shift

Jesus tells you that you will know the seasons by the leaves on the trees in Matthew 24:32-33. So, while you can’t pinpoint the exact time that Jesus will return, you can certainly tell by the altering tides and changing seasons. Jesus spoke in parables to teach lessons that people could understand. These were earthly stories with heavenly meanings.


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You know that autumn is close when the leaves start changing colors. The air becomes crisper as the temperatures drop. Even the animals know that the seasons are changing, so they begin to prepare for a long winter.

Squirrels hide nuts to sustain them during the cold months, and many birds migrate South to save themselves from the harsh weather. The “seasonal changes” the Bible refers to are the end of days. This is a time for the Christians to prepare themselves and make their hearts right.

In Matthew 24:6-13. He warns the people that there will be wars and rumors of conflict, but this doesn’t mean it’s the end. These things must be as they help set the stage for His return. The world technically doesn’t end, but it will change when God removes His bride from the scene.

The Christian shouldn’t fear the end of time, as this is the blessed hope and the promise of eternity that you’ve prepared to experience. Rather, this is a time of celebration as you will shed your earthly body and gain your heavenly home.


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The Bible says that God is the same yesterday and forever in Hebrews 13:8, so He destroyed the earth before due to sin and complete chaos, and He will do it again.

The Timeline of Events

The Bible talks about the coming of the Messiah and what will happen when He returns. Here is a timeline that can help you to understand what will occur.

1. Jesus Will Come for His Bride

At some point soon, Jesus will say enough! He will come back to take His church, and the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 that He will come with the sound of a trumpet and a shout. The dead in Christ will be the first to rise, then the folks living on the earth will meet them in the air.

2. 1,000 Years of Peace

Once the bride has been removed from the earth, the tribulation period begins with the Battle of Armageddon. However, those who’ve lived a Godly life will have 1,000 years of peace in Heaven. They will be reunited with old friends and family members who’ve gone on before, and there will be a continuous celebration around the throne.

3. Jesus Comes to Earth to Judge

After 1,000 years, Jesus will come back to earth to judge the people. He will use the Lamb’s Book of Life as depicted in Revelation 13:8. The Bible also states that every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess at this time that He is Lord.

Those whose name is found in the book will inhabit the new earth, and those whose name is not found will be sentenced to eternal torment.

4. The New Earth Is Established

God recreates the earth anew once all sin has been removed from the world. You won’t remember the former things, or the way life used to be, as everything will be different. Sin won’t cause the strife you know down here right now, and you will live in peace.

How to Prepare for The Second Coming

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all this information and be confused. It’s challenging for the mortal mind to understand such a complicated process. The most important thing you can do is prepare yourself for the coming of the King.

The Bible often compares the Lord’s return with a bride preparing for her wedding day. Christ is often referred to as the groom, and the church is His bride. Here are the things you can do to prepare for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

1. Repent Daily

It’s so easy to get caught up in sin. However, the Bible says you must die daily in I Corinthians 15:31, which means that you must ask God to forgive you each day.

Maybe you told a lie, treated someone unkind, or didn’t act like a Christian, so you need to make it right. Keep your heart pure and your sins blotted out by forgiveness.

2. Ask the Lord to Come into Your Heart

If you haven’t asked the Lord to come into your heart, you must do this critical step. In Romans 10:13, the Bible says to call on His name, and you will be saved. Salvation occurs when you decide that you will no longer live the old life, and you will strive to live as God would have you to live.

3. Be Buried with Him in Baptism

Jesus was your example, and He was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. Matthew 28:19 declares that all should be baptized to wash away their sins. So, being buried with Him in baptism is essential in the salvation plan.

4. Pray and Fast

The only way you will make it in this wicked world is by praying and fasting. Prayer brings you close to God and fasting brings your flesh under subjection to the spirit. Daniel prayed three times a day, but even once will do.

These moments allow you to refresh your mind and give your burdens to Him to carry. You must allow Him to wrap His arms around you and comfort you in times like these. He is your anchor in the time of storms.

5. Read the Word

The best way to understand what’s going on and what’s soon to happen is by studying the Bible. There’s so much in there that you can read the same scripture twice and find new meanings. Like a student preparing for a test, the Bible can give you answers about your life right now and in the future.

It’s a roadmap that will guide you in your life and keep you on the right path. Think of it as a GPS for your soul.

6. Fellowship with Other Believers

Christians feel outnumbered right now, especially with the move in the government system to turn the nation from God. It’s vital that you fellowship with other believers. This means attending church for strength for some, but it means having prayer meetings and Bible studies for others. The Bible says to forsake not gathering together in Hebrews 10:25, as this is where you draw your strength.

7. Be a Witness

If your house were on fire, you would try to get everyone that you could get out of the home to safety. You would be frantic until you knew all of your loved ones were safe. The world is about to go through a horrific time for those left behind, and your goal should be to take as many with you as you can.

A Prayer in Preparation for the End of Days

Jesus, I thank you for the hope of eternal life that I’ve been granted. I ask that you forgive me for all the sins I have in my heart that might separate me from You. I want to see you in all your power and Glory at the second coming, so I ask that You help me make my heart ready.

I want to live a Godly and holy life so that I may live in peace with you one day. I ask that You fill me with Your love and help me to be motivated to stay on this journey, though hard it may be. Help me be a witness to others who need to know Your love. Amen

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