10 Methods to Cleanse Your Soul and Enrich Your Life

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In this modern world, it’s harder than ever to find peace in your soul and still find time for all your responsibilities. Here are 10 easy ways to detoxify and cleanse your soul no matter where you are.


This might sound like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. Praying is a simple but incredibly effective method of connecting with the Almighty. The Lord promised each and every one of us a direct line to His ear, and He meant it.

Simply by focusing your mind, closing your eyes, and earnestly expressing your mind to God in whatever way works best for you, you can cleanse your soul the way that only the Creator Himself can do.

Seek Spiritual Guidance in Others

While it is true that God has all the answers you could possibly need in life, accessing those answers by yourself is not always easy. It’s always best if you have wise elders or spiritual leaders to turn to if you need to talk about problems that touch you all the way to your very soul.

Even if you don’t know any pastors or spiritual life coaches personally, it’s easy to connect with them, and they’ll be happy to hear everything that you have to share and tell you everything that they know.

Focus on Compassion, Forgiveness, and Love

Living a good life that is deeply connected to God is so much easier when your focus is on these three things. Caring about others and considering their feelings – compassion – is essential for your soul to shine and for you to feel truly rapturous inside.

Forgiveness is necessary because no matter how good you are and how good of people you surround yourself with, there are always going to be times when you’ll have to let bygones be bygones. And finally, with the power of love, just about any spiritual obstacle can be overcome and you can continue on your path of devout holiness.


Technology is everywhere these days. It’s so hard to get some time away from your devices that you might have to set aside a specific time and even put physical barriers between you and the phone, computer, tablet, or whatever your technological guilty pleasure happens to be.

The unfortunate truth is that social media and screens are known to be as addictive as cigarettes or even drugs. Once you manage to pull the plug on your digital world, it’s amazing how quickly and naturally the focus returns to the important things.

Focus on What You’re Putting Into Your Body

Everyone’s heard the expression “You are what you eat.” Beyond just a nutritional and physiological perspective, there is a lot of what you put into your body that goes into having a balanced and full spiritual life. The things that we consume are pieces of God’s creation that He is giving to you with every drink or bite.

There’s a reason why people pray before meals. When practicing mindfulness, focusing on the meals and snacks that you eat can help tremendously.

Find Wholesome Hobbies

It’s essential to keep in mind that what a Christian does when she or he is spending their downtime is just as important, if not more important, than what they do while they’re at work. In order to get the most spirituality out of your time off, it’s a good idea to fill your schedule with activities that bring you closer to God.

There are numerous games and hobbies that can do this, and essentially anything that quiets the mind and centers your focus can enhance your relationship with the Father.

Pray on Your Professional Life

If you’re not working at a job that makes you truly feel like you’re doing the Lord’s work, it’s hard to lead a happy and successful life. Colossians 3:23-24 gives us an excellent prayer for work-life balance and career success: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward.

You are serving the Lord Christ.” If you’re ever feeling certain about the job, the way you’re doing it, or the way you feel about it, reciting this prayer every day can help you find new meaning in it.

Pray on Your Personal Life

Without taking care of what’s happening at hope, there’s not much a person can do about anything outside of the house. Once you start your healing and detoxifying work at home, looking out word becomes the easiest and most natural thing in the world.

Whether it has to do with family stresses, uncertainty about friends, or any other feelings that come with being a human being, focusing your prayers on your personal life specifically can open your mind up to a great deal of possibilities.

Go to Church

This might seem like another obvious one, but there is so much to be gained just from being part of a positive, supportive community. Many people rely on their church family for a variety of things, and it’s good to know that you’ll always have help when you need it. It’s also nice to feel needed by others.

This synergy of generosity is why churchgoers tend to have no problem keeping their souls detoxified since they do it every single week with some of their favorite people.

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