Forget about Your Worries and Lean on God’s Guidance 

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Psalms 46:1-3 The Bible says, “God is my tower and strength, a good helper in times of trouble. I will not fear even if the mountain falls into the seas and the waters foam. Even when the mountains quake and keep surging.

Deuteronomy 31:6-8 Be bold enough and have no fear since it is God who will go before you. He will never fail you, so do not be dismayed” 

There are many times when life bites with a lurching crisis which seems to be unbearable. Things get wrong in a manner that makes you feel like the end has just come. Even before things have settled, another set of traumas such as the loss of a loved one, an accident, facing marching orders from your job, a chronic disease, break ups, court cases, financial mistakes, and robbery occur, which lead to wealth losses. You keep silent alone, but you feel there is no peace but just a very disturbed mind.  
An upheaval in your life can cause pain, stress, and too much anxiety. And nothing hurts more like a stressful emotion. Some even think of commuting suicides. It is not a wonder that even your friends may flee from you. In that situation, just believe there is hope for a better life. Does it mean we sometimes measure our happiness through comparison? When we go on social media and see other people who are very happy, very healthy, and living a good life, remember that unbearable circumstances never last long, but those who are tough will win.

I hope this Bible assurance will find you well today.

Change your mindset and see the many other blessings.

Nehemiah 8:10 the Bible says, do not grieve too much, let the joy of God be your strength. 

Joshua 1:9 This is my command to you: be strong and do not be frightened or dismayed; for God is with You every place you move.

May you today focus on the positive and life will feel easier. Our minds greatly contribute to what we become in our lives. Life will become unbearable the moment you accept negativity. When you invite love into your life, you will notice that life becomes more manageable. When you are broke with little money left and you have that joy for yourself, you will find life as an easy task. It is at this point that you will find the value of the smallest things you have in life.  Never cry too much; rely on the Lord’s joy, and he will renew your day.

Stay present on your knees

1 Peter 5:7 Bring all your anxieties to Him since He is a caring one. 

Psalms 34:10b There is nothing lacking for those who gaze upon God.
1 Chronicles 16:11 Look for God for His strength, and look for His presence without ceasing. Because his presence will be with you and bring you rest.

Psalms 34:17 When the righteous come to Him for help, God will hear them and deliver them from their troubles.

An old saying says a prayer can move the mountains. The only way we can communicate our worries is through prayer. It is one of the privileges’ that God gave to us all and does not need much protocol. When we take our problems to Him, asking for forgiveness, we get closer to Him. He listens to your cry and answers it beyond your understanding. Some people only pray on Sundays or a quick prayer in the morning and evening.

But He asks us to call on him every now and then.  Whatever is bothering you, make sure you spend enough time praying and fasting. Since He is our strong refuge, He will give us help to reason and make a healthier choice during that time of trouble. In prayer, God will align life according to His plans and desires. His name is so righteous that we run to it for safety. Let prayer be your antidote today 

Lean on God’s support system

Isaiah 26:3-4 For a steadfast mind, you give peace since they have trust in You. Put your trust in Him for in Him there is an everlasting rock.
Psalms 32 :6 He is my refuge; he will protect me in times of trouble and instill in me songs of deliverance.

Luke 12: 25 Who can add a single hour to life by worrying? Why do you keep worrying about the rest?

When we trust in the Lord, we accept that everything will be used for our ultimate goodness. God is the source of all light do not fear but trust in His salvation. Even when the wicked one tries to devour you, trust in God that he will stumble and fall apart.  God is our father and our fighter, and any battle against Him is as if it were made of glass. In due time, He will make everything right the way we desire.

He cares for everything since he knows what is best for your life. Many people may have that feeling of retreat, but trusting in God’s help will enable you to cope with life. All you have to do is hold your ground and wait for God to do the rest. Avoid negative emotional influence, which can bring unnecessary complications, 

May these prayers be of great help:

A prayer of strength to cope

Dear God, I am grateful for this day. Thank you for your incredible grace in my life. I open myself to receive Your infinite power. Many things have happened to me recently, and I feel quite low today. My desire is to have a balanced and enjoyable life. Please comfort me in this time of hardness.

Bring Your grace’s confidence into me, so that I can place my complete trust in you. Be near to me and give me strength so that I may be able to cope with all this. Sustain me with Your courage and heal me according to Your will. May Your power permeate the depths of my cells and soul, restoring me to wholeness in You. This is my humble prayer today to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen 

A prayer for joy

Dear Lord, I come before you this day. You are my guide and direction and the author of my hope. Please forgive me all my sins so that I may be acceptable before you. I am here to seek refreshment and peace in my life. I have been in an unbearable situation, but God may You revive me from my fears and anxieties.

Give me a quiet peace in my mind and an expectant heart that through Your assurance I may be able to abide in You my father. I prayer that you give me Your wisdom so that I may be able to correct my steps as I wait for your time. Heal my broken heart and walk closely beside me on my journey of recovery. Help that memories won’t haunt me any more. Fill me in with your light and goodness. In Christ’s name I pray Amen. 

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