How Scripture Teaches Us to Be Successful, Happy and Abundant

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When you’re a person of faith, you know how important it is to read the bible regularly. By developing a relationship with your father, you cultivate the discipline and tenacity to overcome any obstacles you may face in life.

Although we understand the power of the creator, what if there were a blueprint for having the life we want? In Proverbs 16:3, we learn that committing our work to the lord is the gateway to spiritual and worldly success. When we begin to unpack these teachings, we realize that God has given us the bible not only as a book filled with beautiful lessons but as a literary blueprint for success!

What the Bible Says About Procrastination

Whether you run a successful business, work in the corporate world, or organize events for your church, one thing is certain: nothing good comes from remaining idle.

When we examine Proverbs 16:27-29, we find that the underlying component behind an unfulfilled life is our inability to do hard work that our Father has put in front of us. Over time, the laziness that we showcase in our lives turns into evil and causes us to gossip, create rumors, speak ill of our neighbor and go down a dark path.

To counteract this problem, we must explore the gifts that God has given to us. Are you drawn towards creating beautiful artwork or music? Do you get enjoyment from helping others succeed and grow their business? Does being a good parent or mentor get you out of bed before the sun rises?

If so, lean into these feelings because the Lord placed them in your soul for a reason. To ignore the pulling of our heartstrings is to deny the gifts that God gave us when we entered this world.

From here, define a substantial goal that you would like to accomplish within the year. You can begin breaking down the goal into smaller sub-goals that can be completed each day. Reflect on Proverbs 16:7 when you feel like procrastinating or putting your work off until later.

Define Your Own Vision for Your Life

One of the traps that we find ourselves getting in, regardless of our age, is conforming to societal standards and ignoring our inner voice. You may have even experienced this in the past if you’ve ignored your heart’s desire and opted for the safer route.

The truth of the matter is that the inner voice we hear every day is the holy spirit communicating with us. When we shut this voice out and drown it with the minutia of the flesh, we ignore what our soul desires.

In Romans 12:2, we find that the best way to understand God’s will is to clear our mind and rejuvenate our soul. When we listen to the inner voice that floods our mind, we align our path with the heavenly Father. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed in the following weeks and months, find a quiet place and listen to the Lord’s words!

What Would Jesus Do?

Do you remember the shirts and wristbands that had the acronym ‘WWJD’ written on the front? Although we may have never given these accessories much thought, they contain a powerful message that can radically shift our life.

WWJD — what would Jesus do? — is a powerful mindset that can assist you in your decision making and habits. Part of being human is getting into predicaments and commitments that require all of your mental and physical energy. To be successful in those areas, we must muster our willpower and think of the correct path that will lead to the finish line.

The next time you need to solve a difficult problem or perform a demanding task, sit in silence and rely on prayer. If Jesus could guide you through your current situation, what would he say?

Involve Your Family

One of the best ways to increase the speed in which you reach your goals is by involving your family and loved ones. When we have a proactive and caring support group, we push harder and achieve things we once thought were impossible.

When we read Psalm 133:1, we realize that God becomes joyous when he sees his sons and daughters living together in unity. By establishing this bond with your family, you invite the presence of the creator into your home.

While science and technology may reveal many interesting facts about the universe, the strongest force on this planet is love. Love is the glue that holds humanity together and encourages us to be kind. When we can harness the power of love and compassion, the sky is the limit.

If these messages or ideas have given you the motivation to become successful in the years to come, we encourage you to pray with us.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We ask for your guidance and wisdom in these trying times. Allow us to fulfill your wishes and do your will through our daily actions. We ask you to speak into the ears and hearts of those individuals in the world who are struggling. Please give us the power to inspire the people in our lives to do better, to speak from their hearts, to chase their dreams and push forward.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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