It’s Easier Than Ever to Stay Close to God Even During The Holiday Season

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Staying in touch with God is essential. This is true all year long. Each day, week and month, people are called on to remember the Lord and read the bible. Opening one’s heart and allowing the spirit to light all souls is something Christians are called upon to do wherever they are. Many people try to find some time to set aside to keep the Lord close. Doing so during the holidays is particularly necessary. The holidays are when people do things that help them remain connected with a higher power. Now is when they take stock of what they’ve done as another year has passed. This is also when people think about what they can do to improve their own spiritual path and make it easier to remain there.

Reading Scripture With the Family

one of the best ways to come back to the Lord is to take the time to read the bible. Reading scripture is a chance to reconnect with all that being a Christian means in your life. There are many things people do at this time of the year to celebrate and and illustrate what faith means to them on a deeply personal level. Busy moms start their holiday baking early. Busy dads head off to add that special touch of light that makes the home stand out as the sun goes down. Parents can help their children find their own way to be part of the world of God.

All parents should take the time to engage in family scripture reading as often as possible. Set aside a time once a day when everyone is home. Early in the morning is a good choice. This offers everyone in the family a grounding that can see them through the rest of their day. The same is true right before or after dinner. Look through the pages of the bible before serving a meal. Parents can pick an especially relevant biblical verse that speaks to needs of everyone in the family. Read it out loud and discuss what each word means. This is a good chance to discuss God and how he cares for all his creatures.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is a way to give something back to yourself and increase your spiritual sense. Many congregations are looking for volunteers at this time of the year. Churches offer all kinds of services that are useful to their congregants. Members are urged to help the less fortunate. This includes donations designed to give needy children a happy Christmas. It also includes helping the homeless find shelter and making sure the hungry are fed. Ministers often create all sorts of wonderful activities that directly address these concerns. That may take the form of hot meals at a homeless shelter and participating in the Toys for Tots program.

Giving material things is very helpful. Giving of yourself can be even more helpful. Think about all those ways you can take time out of your life to help run such events. A church bake sale can raise even more money when you’re there to help publicize it and serve customers. If you have a special talent or a base of useful knowledge like the ability to fix things or you know a lot about tax laws, donate that talent to people who need your help. Fix up a child’s bike. Help a non-profit do their taxes. This is direct service to the lord.

Christian Music

One of the single most delightful things about the holidays is holiday music. Christmas songs are everywhere you go. Take a cue from your favorite grocery store and bring the music home. Songs help you connect to a deep feeling that helps you remember the miracle of Christmas. This is a time to revisit all your old favorites. Bring those favorites during this time. Contact your friends and relatives for additional suggestions. They know songs that you listened to when you were a child in church. They’ll remind you of happy, holiday related memories.

Make a list of your personal holiday musical favorites and play them when you have some free time. Put a CD in on the way to work. Grab that iPad and play it in the shower. Look for songs that have the Lord’s message. Tunes that offer bible verses and the words of your favorite preacher are a great thing to keep around. Head off on a run and take your earphones with you as you admire the great outdoors. All you need is a few minutes to immerse yourself in the world and sound of God’s profound love.

Turning to Prayer

Prayer is even more welcome at this time. Speak to the Lord and let him know you hear his message. The holiday season can be quite stressful. There’s a lot you need to get done and not always a lot of time to make it happen. The Lord knows this. The Lord is on your side and always ready to offer support. Take a minute to find his peace. Prayer can be done on your own terms quietly in a way that lets you know the power of faith. Now more than ever you want to let God be your support.

The holidays are your chance to be part of something larger than yourself while still filling your innate spiritual hunger. You want to remember what you love so much about being a Christian and serving the Lord. Reading biblical verses with your closest loved ones can help. Giving of your own time to help others connects you with the fundamental principles of your faith in a direct way. It’s all there for you to truly be as one with the Lord even during the busy holiday season.

As 1 Peter 4:10, NIV reminds of us, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

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