Jesus Still Speaks to Life’s Storms

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The Bible says in Ephesians 6:14 that when you’ve done all you can to stand, just stand and put on the full armor of God to protect yourself. However, why is it so hard to look through your tear-stained eyes and still see that He holds the stars in His hands? He is greater than any problem you have, and He is the only one who knows all the heartache and troubles you face.

Though your friends and family members see your tears, He can see what’s going on and the turmoil on the inside. He understands and loves you because you’re His child. Why is it so hard to separate the facts from the emotional turmoil you face?

Building Walls of Protection

In Biblical times, they built strong walls around the cities to keep the enemy out. They would have guards that would stand watch over these barriers because they knew that if just one person got beyond these walls, it could mean devastation to the inhabitants. Isn’t it ironic that in Proverbs 25:28 those who don’t control their spirit are referenced as a city that’s broken down and without walls?

When you let your emotions take over, you’re allowing them to rule you, which causes you to become vulnerable. In I Peter 5:8, the Bible says that Satan is like a roaring lion going to and from, and he wants to destroy you. Ironically, when your mind is at its weakest, you become a direct target of the enemy.

Remember when Satan tempted Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11? Jesus was physically weak and emotionally spent. He was fasting for 40 days, knowing that He was about to be crucified. So, this is just about as low as any man could get here on earth, and the anxiety and fear that must have plagued Him was great. Here comes Lucifer ready to pounce at His emotional peak.

He knew that Jesus was weak, and he used this to His advantage. The devil tried to get him to turn stones into bread, have angels come and rescue Him. Finally, he wanted to get him to bow down and worship him. Wasn’t he clever to attempt to get the Lord of All to bow to him, a fallen angel?

However, this story has significant meaning for today. If Satan was so bold to go after Jesus in His time of trouble, he will have no problem coming after you. The good news is that this isn’t the end of the story for God’s Son, as He couldn’t be persuaded.

When Satan left Jesus, Matthew 4:11 says that the angels came to minister to Him. So, Lucifer thought he made Jesus a bit weaker as he tried to destroy Him, but once he was done with his attack, the angels came to comfort and support the Savior.

This story demonstrates that there will be attacks on you, and they may be evil and malicious sent as assignments from hell itself, but fear not. God will send His angels to come and comfort you in those moments when you feel you can’t go on. His Word cannot lie, and he knows where you stand, and He is always right on time.

If you feel you can’t hold on one more minute, just look to Him. Stand when you feel like the ground around you is sinking sand, as the Father of all who loves you and created you from the very dust of the earth will sustain you.

The Struggles of Naomi

When considering your troubles, you must consider those of Naomi in the Bible. In Ruth 1:1-2 you meet Elimelech and his wife, Naomi. They have two grown sons named Mahlon and Chilion, and they all live in Bethlehem. There was a great famine in the land, so Elimelech and his family traveled to Moab. He died soon after, and Naomi was now a widow left to fend for herself.

Her sons married Ruth and Orpah. Not long after the marriage, Mahlon and Chilion bother perished. Naomi was at rock bottom as she lost both her husband and sons, and she certainly felt that she didn’t want to go on. Naomi knew that they could only survive if she returned to Bethlehem and the young women returned to their families. She was completely consumed with grief and hopelessness, and the depression must have been crippling at this point.

Ruth Refused to Leave Her Mother-in-Law

The ladies were upset to leave Naomi, but Oprah did as she asked. Consequently, Ruth was determined to stay with her widowed mother-in-law. Seeing the determination in her daughter-in-law, Naomi relented and let Ruth travel back to Bethlehem with her.

Arriving in her hometown showed friends and family how far the depression had got to Naomi. In fact, they didn’t recognize her as her countenance and appearance had changed. Naomi knew she was wallowing in depression. She asked for them to call her Mara, which means bitter, as the Lord had dealt with her bitterly.

Naomi lost everything and she had no reason to go on, and how many times have you felt like this in your life? You don’t know where you will get the strength to go one more mile? However, the story doesn’t end here for Naomi or for you!

Bringing in the Harvest

It was Ruth’s unwavering faith that would save them both. In Ruth 2:1, Ruth went into neighboring fields to gather wheat. According to the Jewish laws of harvesting, any spare grain that fell from the harvesting baskets was left for the poor. So, Ruth had the humble task of gleaning these leftovers to feed her and her aging mother-in-law.

She was gathering in the fields owned by a kind man named Boaz. He saw this beautiful woman working hard, and he had compassion for her. In Ruth 2:9-16, Boaz welcomes Ruth and allows her to eat and drink with his hired hands. He demanded the farmhands be kind to Ruth, and he even had them drop extra grain for her to eat.

Naomi heard about Boaz’s kindness in Ruth 3 and told Ruth that he was a close relative. She encouraged her to keep gathering in his fields and stay in his good graces. It wasn’t long until Boaz fell in love with Ruth.

The End is Greater Than the Beginning

According to Jewish law, they were both widows, and the nearest relatives had the responsibility to redeem them. Boaz not only bought Naomi’s property, but he proposed to Ruth, and she gladly accepted. The struggles that both women went through was enough to take them out, but God had different plans for them.

In Ruth 4:13-15, Boaz and Ruth were blessed with a baby boy they named Obed. This little one renewed Naomi’s hope in her old age, and she became her grandson’s nurse. In the final verses of the Book of Ruth, you’ll find the genealogy of Boaz and the generations of their son. Obed had Jesse and Jesse fathered the great King David.

God not only rewarded Ruth’s faithfulness with a new husband and a baby boy, but she became the great-grandmother of King David. It was through the lineage of King David that Jesus the Messiah would come. The Lord saw the incredible struggle of these women and worked in their favor.

You may have troubles on every hand and feel like giving up, but God’s on your side. He will fight your battles, and you’ll come out victorious just like Naomi.

Prayer for Life’s Struggles

Lord, life is tough, and things aren’t always fair. I know that there’s many times that I bring trouble upon myself, but I also know that there are times when things happen beyond my control. Some days I don’t want to go on, but I know that just like you restored the life of Naomi and Ruth, you can also restore joy to me. I ask that you lead and guide me and help me see your master plan for my life. Amen

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