Looking for Ways to Combat Spiritual Ignorance?

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We are living in an age in which we are constantly flooded with information that might breed spiritual ignorance. It could be the evening news on the television or the radio, a newsletter in your email, or just a conversation you have with a friend. Unfortunately, a lot of this information may be based on worldly ways, and not godly ones.

Loving others could simply mean acts of kindness to those closest to you such as your family, friends, and community. It could be a phone call to your sibling to whom you have not spoken in months, or your child to wish them a wonderful weekend. It could also be a text message or email to a friend in a different town or city to check in and find out how the friend is doing.

Perhaps, one of the best ways to love is by saying a prayer for those in our lives. It goes a long way to think about someone in your life and pray for that person’s wellbeing, salvation, or healing.

We could also be kind to others and respond to difficult situations in gentle ways. As we go through life, we might encounter situations in which we experience emotions such as anger, sadness, worry or anxiety. Rather than reacting in anger and saying something to someone that you might later regret, it is best to react in kindness, even when it does not feel like it in the moment.

In 1 Corinthians 13:4 (New Living Translation) God calls us to love and be kind to others, and to extend sympathy and empathy to those who in need. Being kind to people who might be spiritually ignorant will provide a practical way for them to understand the basics of Christianity. When someone expects you to respond in a rude way, your politeness will go a long way in showing a true display of Christianity.

Sharing Your Life Experience as a Testimony

In Isaiah 43: 1 (New Living Translation), God reminds us that He knows us personally—each person by name, and we belong to Him. In Isaiah 43:2, God encourages us by saying that he will be with us whenever we go through difficult situations, even when we feel that we cannot persevere through the situations.

Our life experiences serve as testimonies to share with people who might be spiritually ignorant. Everyone has a unique story of the situations in which God has provided wisdom, guidance, or blessings. It could be divine healing in your marriage or perseverance through a difficult divorce. You may have been blessed with wisdom to lead a successful career, resulting in financial blessing for you and your family. Your testimony of could also be that you are alive and healthy, and enjoying the fullness of life.

By sharing your personal account of faith, you can help to combat spiritual ignorance by helping people to understand the importance of your Christianity. Chances are that someone out there is experiencing a situation you once encountered, and you could be a shining light in that person’s life.

Sharing Scriptures from the Bible

You could also combat spiritual ignorance by simply sharing a verse from the Bible that you feel really spoke into your life. God created humans in His own image, making us spiritual beings (Gen. 1:27, New Living Translation). There is at least one scripture in the Bible that will speak into someone’s life, regardless of the person’s background.

It is important to understand that the Bible has withstood the test of time and contains divine knowledge and wisdom. Interestingly, many people do not realize that there are countless situations in the Bible that relate to situations happening today. You can help combat spiritual ignorance by pointing people to the Bible and showing them how relevant it is to their lives.

Most importantly, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you along this journey of faith. The Holy Spirit provides divine wisdom where our human wisdom fails.

A Prayer for You Today

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your love and kindness in our lives. We thank you for our families and friends and we pray for blessing and protection upon them. We pray that you may empower us to show others your love in our walk as Christians and to show us ways in which we could help combat spiritual ignorance. Amen

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