Prayers for Those Affected by The Lone Star State Shootings

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This week, hearts across the Lone Star State are broken in the aftermath of the unthinkable school tragedy. Be assured that God’s heart is also hurting, and He holds those precious souls in His Hands. Please find comfort and grace in the following prayers.

Prayer When You’re Overwhelmed

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to You today with a heavy heart. When I’m overwhelmed and don’t have the answers, wrap me in the comfort of your arms. My heart is troubled, my soul is weary, and I don’t understand all that’s happened. I need you more today that I have ever needed you before. Give me peace and walk beside me. Amen

Prayer for Comfort

My Lord and Savior, I’m reaching out to You because of the storm raging. The waves are over my head, and I feel like I am going under for the last time. It seems like anxiety has taken my very breath away.


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I ask that You’d speak peace to my heart and remind me that You have everything under control. I am reassured by how you calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee for your disciples, and I ask that you calm the storms around me and bring peace. Amen

Prayer for Emotional Strength

Mighty God, You are my shield, comfort, and assurance. The past few days’ events have drained my strength, so I lean on You. Please don’t let me suffocate in my emotions and give me hope. I’m forever grateful that when I am weak, You are strong for me, as I need your strength right now. Amen.

Prayer for Depression

Father, who else could I turn to when my spirits have sunk so low? Even though I’m numb from despair, You’re always at my side. As I draw closer to You, Your Word promises that You’ll draw closer to me.

Today, I need Your Holy Spirit to lift me above the shadows of depression. When I can’t see beyond my pain, remind me that you’re still in control. Thank you, Jesus, for Your Healing touch. Amen.

Prayer for Texan Community


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Father, I stand in the gap today for family, friends, and neighbors in my community. When tragedy and sorrow strike without notice and one’s devastated, we all hurt. Today, I speak the names of the families who all died in this horrific tragedy, and I lift them to Your Throne.

Please use me as a conduit of Your love and compassion. Show me ways that I can be a light and encouragement to those around me. Lead us through the struggles and sorrows we face. Amen.

Prayer for Understanding

Faithful Lord, I cry to you today because I just don’t understand the senseless cruelty and violence in this world. To my despair, death waits for nobody and doesn’t discriminate between adults and children.

I often wonder why the innocent must suffer and the evil often gets by with things. However, Your Word reminds me that evil ones will soon have their day of judgment. There are things beyond me that I just must give to You. Even when my mind can’t comprehend, You’re in control, and I’m thankful. Amen.

Prayer for Righteous Anger

Loving Savior, have mercy on me today, in my anger. When I see innocent people lose their lives from senseless violence and wars, my righteous indignation flares. It makes me want to lash out and claim vengeance that’s not mine.

Please, calm my fiery wrath and remind me that vengeance is Yours alone as the judge. You’re coming soon, and I’m thankful that You’ll right all the wrongs in Your Precious Name, Amen.

Prayer for the Grief of a Child’s Death

Sweet Jesus, nothing breaks my heart like the passing of a blameless child. These were the precious little lambs that You asked Peter to feed and the sheep. While on the earth, You bid the children come to You and be blessed in Your loving arms.

I grieve today for children who have passed because of inexplicable violence. They are the apple of Your eye, and You’ve welcomed them into Your Heavenly Presence. Please comfort the families and let me stand in their place for prayer in Your Holy Name, Amen.

Prayer for When Hope Seems Lost

Dear Lord in Heaven, I need Your help today because everything seems to be collapsing in this world with death, war, and famine. There’s nobody to share my burden with, and I feel like my situation is hopeless. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You never leave my side.

Regardless of how I feel now, I remember that You’ve never failed me. When I’m ready to perish in flood, You raise a standard and rescue me. Please give me strength and the assurance of Your Promises forever in Your Name, Amen

Prayer for Strength in God’s Love

Savior, I’m grateful that You’re a Mighty Fortress and strong tower where I can seek refuge. Today, I feel weak in body and spirit, and I run to You, the source of my strength.

Your Words speak life, and Your love renews my hope. You carry me through the valleys and restore my soul in my darkest hours of vulnerability. Your love is a wonderous salve that soothes my bruised feelings and mends my broken heart. May I bask in Your undying love and receive strength for the day? Amen

Prayer for Forgiveness

God, it’s hard to pray for our enemies and those that have done wrong but help me understand that the events in Texas were nothing more than an attack from evil. Your Word commands me to forgive, and that seems impossible in this situation.

There are many times that the offender doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, but that’s not up to me. If there is any judgment or vengeance, the choice is Yours alone. While I can never forget, You give me the power to forgive and go forward.

I also realize that forgiving someone doesn’t eliminate natural consequences for the offense. You offer freedom from the gall of bitterness and the shackles of hate. If I can’t forgive in my humanity, teach me to let Your Spirit within do the work, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Prayer for Strength During a Funeral

My Loving Father, our hearts break when we must lay our loved ones to rest. While they lie serenely before us, their precious soul has left, and we’ve only their earthly temple to mourn. In my grief, I wish that You would return my loved one to me.

It reminds me of when You were at the tomb of Your friend, Lazarus. When you saw his sisters broken with grief and heard the crowd sobbing, it broke Your heart. You wept with them because of Your human compassion and empathy.

As a human, You wept at your friend’s tomb. But as God, You told them to roll the stone away and commanded Lazarus to come forth and live. You are still the Resurrection Who will raise our mortal bodies again one day if we believe.

For now, You understand my tears and know that it’s the human condition. I may grieve now, but I will rejoice on the day You return. You’ll raise us, believers, to the newness of life, and we will live with You for eternity.

There’ll be no death, crying, and parting in Glory. Thank you for paying the price for my redemption and offering me this hope. Please let this promise comfort me now and in the days to come, Amen

Prayer For a New Reality

Dear Lord, You see the beginning from the end, and You exist outside of human time. For You, a thousand years is as a day, and nothing ever gets by Your attention. That’s one of the countless reasons I can run to You as my Father when I’m hurting.

After a mind-numbing loss, nothing will ever be the same. However, You’re with me, and You can help me accept a new reality. Your infinite patience and compassion give me the hope and courage to continue this earthly journey.

There will still be hurts, losses, and plenty of tears in my life until You welcome me Home. You promised that You’d wipe my tears away forever, and I will rejoice in Your Presence for eternity. Until then, soothe my heart with comforting memories and the hope of being with You and my loved ones in Glory. Amen

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