Reigning Over the Heart through the Wisdom of God

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“Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: I am understanding; I have strength. By me kings reign, princes decree justice. By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth” (KJV, Prov. 8:14-16).

“Counsel is mine”

Father, You have given me an enormous amount of valuable guidance in Your Word. You have shown me the path to life and given me a light to walk the path. Not only that, but You have given me Your Son.


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Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and He has promised to guide me through this life. He is more than words on a page; He is a person. He is more than helpful advice; He shows me how to live. I pray that You will open my ears today and help me to hear His voice.

Clear my mind from the clutter, and may soundness of mind be my testimony.

You have also given me many warnings; I must learn to take them seriously. Your counsel for me comes in many forms; one is telling me what will happen if I venture down the wrong path. You have said to me that I will reap what I sow. You have also told me that cherishing iniquity in my heart will affect my prayers.

“and sound wisdom”

In You, sound wisdom is found. I realize that many are claiming to be wise. Even more think they are wise. But the truth is, wisdom is found in You. There is a significant difference between the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God.

The world’s ways often run contrary to Yours, but at the same time, the world claims to know the truth. Help me never to forget that I will find true wisdom in Your Word.

I pray that You will bless me with wisdom. Help me to know how to apply Your Word to my life. There are many situations in which I can get confused as to how I should apply Your Word. Thus, I recognize I need Your help.

Teach me to be wise and to build my house upon a rock. Teach me to fear Your name and grow in wisdom.

“I am understanding”

Not only must I be wise, but I must also understand Your Word. It is not enough to know what Your Word says; I must also understand it. It is not enough to memorize Your Word. I must understand what I memorize for it to be of any value to me.

I will bear much fruit through an understanding of Your Word. I will flourish like a well-watered tree and be fed like sheep amid green pastures when I genuinely understand the Scriptures. When I understand Jesus’ promise will be fulfilled, I will know the truth, and the truth will set me free.

However, I will understand Your Word only by the Spirit of God. I could never comprehend Your thoughts apart from Your Spirit conveying them to me. The natural man does not understand the things of God, for they are spiritually discerned.

But You have given me the mind of Christ by the power of the Spirit, and I can understand as You bless me. So please open my heart to receive Your truth today.

“I have strength”

Sometimes I can rely too much on my own strength. I can believe that I am strong and capable of fighting off the enemy. I can remember that I am saved but then approach my day with self-trust. It is difficult to find a proper balance between fighting the good fight of the faith and not trusting in myself.

I am reminded of Paul, who prayed for his thorn to be taken from him. He pleaded with Jesus three times but to no avail. Instead, Jesus told him that His grace was sufficient and His power was perfect in weakness. Thus, I am convinced I will only be strong in Christ when weak.

The paradoxical nature of Christianity contradicts my natural way of thinking, but I must always submit to Your Word.

Please give me the strength I need for this day. But, help me be patient, knowing that strength often comes after waiting. You have promised me in Isaiah that when I wait upon You, You will renew my strength, and I will mount up on eagles’ wings.

“By me kings reign”

If kings reign by wisdom, how much more do I need wisdom to reign over my own heart? It is easier to rule a kingdom than to rule over man’s heart. Sin has created a devastating force within. It is powerful and will take my life if I let it.

Sin comes to me as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It can be subtle, but it can also be clear. The many fronts it takes make me realize that it is always attempting to bring me to ruin.

But I must remember the words of Paul. He told me not to let sin reign in my life. I have been untied with Christ. I am identified in His death, burial, and resurrection. His death was my death, and His life is my life. I must, therefore, not let sin reign over me. Instead, I must reign over it. Give me wisdom so that I can fight against this formidable foe.

“princes decree justice”

Through wisdom, justice is decreed. Please help me to be fair and just. Please help me to be right and true. There are many times when I read of the need for justice and the way Your people failed. When justice is corrupted, so is a nation.

But I must never forsake justice but must always be honest in all my dealings. Give me wisdom so that I can honor You through justice.

I am also made aware of the mercy I received. You are both the Just and the Justifier. I deserved punishment, but You sent Your Son. Mercy triumphed over judgment. At the same time, judgment was rendered when Jesus became sin for me. Thank You for Your mercy.

“By me princes rule”

Your law is good, and Your ways are right. Teach me to hide Your law in my heart, and may it become my life’s rule. Princes rule by wisdom. How much more will I need wisdom to rule over my life?

I often find that I can be like Paul, who said there were things he did not want to do but often did them. At the same time, the good he wanted to do he often did not do. There was a war within Paul’s heart, and every victory, every inch of ground, was won by wisdom. Teach me to rule by wisdom.

“and nobles”

Show me how to live an upright life before You. I am reminded of Job, who was blameless and upright. A charge could not be brought against Your servant, for he did right before God and man.

While he was not perfect, he was a good man. His heart was sincere, and His testimony before You was honorable.

May my life be characterized by a love for You and good works. Teach me how to apply Your Word to my life and walk according to Your ways. I recognize that establishing a good reputation is important.

Therefore, help me to take seriously the calling You have placed on my life. You have told me I am an ambassador for You. Thus You make You appeal through me. May I be light and not blend in with the darkness.

“even all the judges of the earth”

With the error and falsehood in the world, I know I need wisdom to discern truth from error. I must be able to judge right from wrong and evaluate my decisions. Please give me wisdom to assist me in making proper decisions.

I desire to honor You in my choices and go in the direction You want me to go. Sometimes I can be deceived and am lured away from Your path. But Your Word is a sure guide; I am given light for my path in it. Burden my heart so that I would love Your Word. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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