Supplication in the Age of Global Hate: How to Respond When Life Feels Out of Control

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In a world that seems spiraling out of control, prayer can feel like our only hope. As global hate spreads, it can be challenging to know how to pray. How do we find the words when the world feels so dark?

There is no single meaning of worldwide disdain, yet it very well may be, for the most part, portrayed as scorn or bigotry that is directed at a group of people based on their nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, or another identifying factor. This age is set apart by various elements, including the ascent of radicalism, bigotry, xenophobia, psychological warfare, racism, internet cyberbullying, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and patriotism.  More people are displaced from their homes than ever before, and conflict seems to be tearing societies apart. All this is the work of the evil one as he tries to divide God’s people. 

The underlying foundations of this age can be followed back to the repercussions of the World Wars. Right after the conflict, numerous nations were left crushed. The death and destruction left behind created a sense of anger and resentment in some areas for decades. Various variables have intensified this, including financial uncertainty, social distress, and political shakiness. But we should know this:


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“I appeal to you, siblings, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that every one of you concurs and that there be no hate among you; however, you be joined in a similar brain and a similar judgment.”(1 Corinthians 1:10).

For many people of faith, prayer is a powerful way to connect with God and express their deepest concerns. When we pray, we are asking God to intervene. We are asking Him to change hearts and minds. We are asking for His protection and guidance. We also join together to pray for similar things, creating a global community of hope and support. Prayer helps us to find compassion for those who are suffering. And it can remind us of our humanity and the fact that we are all connected.

Praying for the unity of people 

The unity of God’s people is a theme throughout Paul’s writings. In Ephesians 4:3-6, Paul says, “Make an effort to keep the solidarity of the Spirit through the obligation of harmony.” There is one body and one soul — similarly, as you were called to the one expectation that has a place with your call — one Lord, one confidence, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through in all. ”  Again, we see that unity is something we should strive for.

Another most notable Bible verses about petitioning God is the prayer in Matthew 6:9–13, which says, “Our Father in heaven, blessed be your name.” Your realm comes, and you will be done on earth for what it’s worth in paradise. Allow us our daily bread today, and excuse us from our obligations, just as we have excused our debtors. What’s more, it leads us not into enticement but instead conveys us evil. “This entry advises us that we want to move toward God with lowliness and worship and that our requests should be centered around His will be finished. We should also ask for forgiveness and extend forgiveness to others. And finally, we should ask for God’s protection from evil.


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“If my people, who are called out to by me, will lower themselves and supplicate, and look for my face and abandon their fiendish behavior, then, at that point, I will hear from paradise, and I will excuse their wrongdoing and will recuperate their territory.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

This refrain is a substantial update that the request is fundamental, mainly when disdain is by all accounts winning. We should gather and prostrate ourselves before God, pleading for forgiveness and guidance. At that time, could we, at any point, desire to see mending in our reality.

Just know prayer is a powerful weapon against hate and can help us change hearts and minds.

The powerful, intense petition of a noble man benefits a lot.” – James 5:16 (NKJV)

When we supplicate intensely and honestly, our requests can get incredible things done. We should never surrender trust but continue to appeal to God for a finish to the things we can’t stand in our reality. “What’s more, I will give you another heart and put another soul inside you; I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” -Ezekiel 36:26 (NKJV). When we pray for God to work in those who hate, He can soften their hearts and give them a new spirit. We must never lose sight of prayer can bring about real change in people’s lives.

Prayer can result in healing and faith.

“At last, every one of you is in total harmony, having sympathy for each other; loving as siblings, be kind, be obliging; not returning evil for evil or chiding for scolding, yet in actuality favoring, realizing that you were called to this, that you might acquire a gift.” (NKJV) 1 Peter 3:18–9. We must not give in to hate but instead bless those who persecute us, knowing that we are called to do good. By petitioning God for God’s direction, cunning, and strength, we can remain against the disdain in our reality and be a force for good.

Praying for the leaders

Our kings are the ones who set the tone for their followers, and they are the ones who often lead by example. In many cases, the leader’s hatred fuels the fire of hate within their followers. This can be seen throughout history, and it is happening today.

The Bible verse about praying for our leaders is 1 Timothy 2:1-3. First of all, it says, I encourage that petitions, supplications, mediations, and thanksgivings be made for all individuals, for lords and all who are in high places, that we might have a serene and calm existence, genuine and noble all around.” This is great, and it is satisfying to see God our Savior. “ This part lets us know that we ought to appeal to God for all individuals, remembering those with significant, influential places. We ought to ask that they carry on with tranquil and calm existences, authentic and honorable. This is great, and it is satisfying to see God our Savior.

When we pray for our leaders, we ask God to help them lead lives honorable to Him. We are also asking God to give them wisdom and guidance as they make decisions that affect us all. By praying for our leaders, we show that we trust God to work in their lives and the world around us.

Praying for others in trouble

Psalm 122:6. According to it, “Appeal to God for the tranquility of Jerusalem! May they thrive who love you!

This section is an update that we ought to petition God for the tranquility of Jerusalem. We ought to implore those individuals who love God to flourish. This is a request that we can all unite behind, no matter our political convictions.

When we petition God for the tranquility of Jerusalem, we are requesting that God bring harmony to a city that has seen a great deal of savagery and struggle. We also ask that God bless the people who love Him and work for His purposes on the planet. This is a request that we can all unite behind, no matter our political convictions.

Love and pray for your enemies

Matthew 5:44. According to it, “Yet I tell you, love your adversaries and petition God for those who abuse you.”
This is an update that, even though there are individuals on the planet who might be our foes, we are as yet called to cherish them. We are likewise called to appeal to God for the people who abuse us. This is something hard to do, yet it is something that we are called to do as adherents of Christ.

When we love our foes and appeal to God for the people who oppress us, we show that we trust God to work in their lives. We are likewise showing that we will excuse them, despite the fact that they might have fouled up against us. This is something hard to do, but it is something that we are called to do as devotees of Christ.

Prayer for unity among People of all Nations

Lord, we pray for your people divided by nation, tribe, and language. We see the headlines that speak of wars and terrorist attacks, and refugees fleeing their homes. Our hearts ache as we think of the families who have lost loved ones, the orphaned children, and the widowed women.

We know that you are a God of love and mercy, and we pray that your love will break through the barriers that divide us. We pray for unity among all people to see each other as brothers and sisters, created in your image and loved by you.

We know that your plans are for peace and not for disaster, so we trust you to bring healing to our broken world. We pray for wisdom for our leaders so that they may seek your will in all they do. We pray for courage for those working for peace so that they may persevere in the face of opposition.

And we pray for ourselves that we may be your instruments of peace in the world. May our lives witness your love so that all may know of your salvation. Amen.

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