The Compassion That Leads to Miracles

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We sometimes forget that God is always good when we pass through trying moments. Sometimes he seems too far from us, and the more we try to reach up to him, the more frustrated we become. In the Bible in the book of Psalms, chapter 13, the Psalmist asks: how long will you forget me? For how long will you hide your face from me? These questions are also reasonable to ask in our daily lives.

Sometimes, our lives are full of many predicaments, some of which come with no notice. We try with all our might, but it seems impossible. The roads ahead seem to be full of darkness, doom, and death. However, it is important to remember the Bible says in Matthew, behold I am with you always. We always have somebody through Jesus Christ, the son of God and his Holy Spirit. There is a word in the book of Hebrews 4:15 that we have a high priest who has been tried through our afflictions. He understands the hardship of temptations and various challenges we pass through. He is, therefore, always ready to help us.


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Our Lord is always ready to offer his compassion and love to us. Through his biblical promises, we learn that God is not limited to any one time or place and is always there for us. If our Lord is always present for us, we shouldn’t be afraid of what’s to come.

Gods Care in the Ancient Times

Miracles are part of a believer’s life. In the wilderness, the children of Israel survived the wilderness for forty years without buying new clothes. This indicates that his magnificent power is unlimited to what we see or hear or know, the plagues, the iron rod, the turning of water into blood, then back to the water. These are all miracles that honored God’s power and glory. The Bible says they “lived on the tops of rocks in open places.” They were without a tent or dwelling place. This indicates that God cared for them to the extent of removing any harm from their path.

The compassion of God is also visible in the book of Psalms 91. He declares so many things to his son, who in this case is us. He declares that he will protect us and deliver us from all plagues in the darkest moment. He will perform miracles to cushion your fall and remove the stone that would cause your stumble. And all of this is due to God’s great love for us. The kindness of God is also evident in the book of psalms. In many places, the Psalmist declares that God forgives us for our sins, and he will take away all of our guilt. And this is because our God does love us very much!

The Miracles of the Current Age

We may say that the miracles only happened in the past and the ancient age but are completely non-existent today. However, this is not true. As long as we have God, miracles are part of us. The Bible says that God, who in times past and diverse ways spoke to our fathers the prophets but today he speaks to us through Jesus Christ. If we consider the life of Jesus on earth, we will understand how God would speak to us.


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In Acts 10:38, the Bible says how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with power and the holy spirit, and he went on doing good. This is the language and the doings of God. He will always do good. When we need ministration, he comes and does good to us. When we are short of finances, he does good for us. When our academics are in peril, he ministers directly to us. If he said that I would not leave you nor forsake you, then that is what he means exactly.

How to Access the Miracles

The miracles are part of us but by faith. The Bible says that love, hope, and faith are three things, but the greatest one is love. By accepting God’s compassion, we can get the faith to undo every obstacle that gets our way.

The only thing you need to access the benefits and the miracle of life is acceptance. We are taught in John 3:16 that the love of God was too great for us that he gave his only begotten son to prevent us from perishing. We are meant to perish, but the love of God encompasses us. There is a likelihood of stumbling, but the love of God covers us like a cover through the darkest hours.

Living a life of miracles today can be easy and reliable when we trust the Lord. This can be done daily and anytime since he is always near us. The Bible says we have a friend who sticks closer than a brother. This friend is full of love and care for those whose strength is failing. He is the true consolation.

Prayer for the Day

Father, in the presence of your son Jesus Christ we are thankful for the compassion you show us daily. We are happy because you have promised us a life of miracles when we believe and trust you. We cherish every moment we will spend with you in this life, even unto life everlasting. In our prayer today, we ask you to strengthen our faith even as we walk together. Amen.

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