Understanding God’s Love When I Miss My Mom

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There’s something so special about a mother’s love. A mother is a nurturer and the one who provides warmth to the home, and she’s the one that most children run to when they are hurt.

During the month of May, mothers around the country are celebrated for their exceptional and profound role in life.

A mom can bring excitement to family gatherings, turn a mundane day into an adventure, and even make the most frightening experiences more enjoyable, so she is deserving of such a celebration.

Did you know that Jesus was very close to His mother? Just like your mom, Mary knew her Son better than anyone.

Before he was placed in her womb by the Father, Gabriel told her what a special seed she would carry. He instructed her that Jesus was not going to be a normal baby, but His birth would be miraculous. Mary often questioned having such a responsibility in carrying her Son, what the people would think since she and Joseph weren’t married, and how this would come to be.

In John 2:1-12, the Bible talks about Jesus’ spending time with his mom, so it was important to note the relationship. He was about to face the challenge of His life, and he was, no doubt, apprehensive, but being with His mom made His journey a little more bearable.

The Loss of a Mom

Perhaps you’ve lost your mother, and she is no longer with you. When someone so close to you passes away, or you lose the connection, it causes grief. Every family get-together is a painful reminder of her missing presence.

It could be that she’s still on this earth, but she lives so far away that you don’t get to see her as much as you want. It can make you feel sad and lonely when you don’t have time with someone who’s so important in your life. A mother provides comfort and companionship, and they share so much joy with you. Being without these vital aspects in your life can leave you lost and depressed.

You can probably relate to David in Psalms 119:28, who cries out that he was overcome with sorrow and needed strength from above because both of his parent’s had forsaken him. Even people in Bible days weren’t immune from pain caused by severed relationships with their parents.

Longing for a Mother’s Love

Consider Tracey. She was ten years old when her mother developed cancer and passed away. Facing her teenage years was hard enough but doing it without the support and love from a mother figure made them unbearable.

Tracey has a good father, but he can’t replace her mom’s love. She was so young when she watched her mom’s health turn for the worse, and she missed out on valuable time with her. It left her very depressed and anxious. Her grandparents had already passed, so she felt very alone in this big world.

The mental issues from her loss and her profound loneliness spiraled Tracey into a dark place. She saw many counselors and was placed on numerous medications, but nothing seemed to help this girl. Now 18 years old, she needed divine intervention to heal her broken heart.

Isn’t it just like God to come to you when you hit rock bottom and feel down and out?

Tracey’s family wasn’t religious, and she had never heard of God other than in passing. She stopped at a local coffee shop for a donut and to just be surrounded by people. An older gentleman was sitting next to her. He could see the sorrow and desperation in her eyes, and he felt compelled to talk to her.

Within minutes, Tracey was sobbing and telling him about the loss of her dear mother. The man was a minister, and he gave her some scriptures about how God would be everything to her, and He found a way to comfort this broken child. As the man spoke, Tracey felt the loving arms of God surround her for the first time in her life, and it felt much like her mother’s touch.

She realized what was missing in her life was her mother’s love, but she found that God could provide the same feelings of fulfillment. Tracey joined the church and was taken under the wing of a few mothers in the fellowship, and she felt so fulfilled and wanted. This was undoubtedly a divine appointment that changed her life forever.

Scriptures for Those Needing Comfort and a Mother’s Love

Whether you’ve lost your mom, she lives far away, or you have an estranged relationship, many scriptures in the Bible can help your hurting heart. Here are a few to help you with your need for nurturing.

1. God Will Walk Beside You

When you feel like you’re all alone, you must consider the scripture found in Psalm 27:10. David is speaking about feeling forsaken by his mother and father, but he states that God has always been there for him. The same God that helped David through his time of sorrow will also help you.

2. He Will Never Leave

If you’re estranged from your mom and feeling a void, perhaps you should consider the scripture found in Isaiah 49:14–15. Being separated from a parent is one of the most terrifying things a child can experience.

Jesus addresses the issues with a mom that doesn’t consider the child from her womb, and he reminds you that He cares for you more than your parents. Even though your mom might have left you, He reminds you that He will never leave your side.

3. You Have a Parent in Heaven

The Apostle Paul spoke to the church in Galatians 4:6-7 when they were experiencing times of sorrow. He reminded them that they were the Son and daughters of God. All the love that the Heavenly Father had for his children was theirs to receive.

When they were born again, they had royal blood and asked the Lord to come into their heart. The same benefits given to these people all these years ago are still available for you today.

4. The Unfathomable Love of Your Father

A beautiful passage of scripture is found in Psalm 103:11. David reminds you that as far as the heavens are above the earth, so great is the love of the Father towards you. He also states that as far as the east is from the West is the distance, He has taken your sins from you. The love of God is something so unfathomable that it’s hard for the mortal mind to understand.

5. He So Loved the World

You can’t mention the love of God and finding comfort without considering the scripture found in John 3:16. God loved the world and you so much that He gave his only Son to be a human sacrifice. With such profound love, He gave His life for you on Calvary. In John 15:13, it states that there is no greater love than a man who would lay down His life for a friend.

Prayer for Comfort

Precious Jesus, Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and my heart feels broken as I long for a Mother’s Love. I know you’re my Father in heaven, but sometimes I just need my mom. I want to hear her voice, talk about the weather, and be a part of her life.

Help me remember all the good times I shared with her and let me never forget how much love You have for me. Your strength and love are perfect for me when I feel like I can’t go one more mile. I know that I can turn my weaknesses into strengths raised in your power, but sometimes I forget.

Please be a source of comfort and strength when I see all the cards, gifts, and other people celebrating with their mothers. Knowing that I have you with me and giving me unconditional love will help me get through this season. Amen

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