You Are Called To Serve

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One of the greatest things you can ever do as a child of God is to serve others. When you see someone in need, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, springing into action to help alleviate their burden is not only a great way to make their lives better, but it also allows you to discover an entirely new part of your God-given purpose. God has you in the position that you’re in so you can serve others. Discover how to make that a reality today.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Maybe the person in front of you in a drive-thru line paid for your coffee. Perhaps you’ve gone to pay for a meal only to find out that someone else already picked up your check. Maybe the random act of kindness that you’ve been on the receiving end of just looked like a random text from an old friend who wanted to provide you with some encouragement. One of the greatest things about kindness is that it can take on a variety of forms.

Each of the examples that we just discussed have something in common: they’re all about serving others. If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t do enough to really serve others, allow yourself to think smaller. No, you can’t do everything for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something for someone. Serving other people isn’t necessarily about the magnitude of the action that you’re taking. Instead, it’s about the fact that you’re willing to give something of yourself in the name of making someone else’s day a little better.


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If you’re experiencing some hesitancy about serving others, it probably comes down to one of two areas.
1. You’re worried that you can’t really do enough.
2. You’re not sure that you’re really in a position to improve someone else’s life.

Our trepidation about serving others almost always goes back to those two concepts. However, when you embrace the fact that you don’t have to change the world and that you’re not responsible for changing someone’s life, it’s easy to get past the first problem. Furthermore, when you embrace the reality that you have everything you need to effectively serve others, there are no more roadblocks on your journey to serving others.

What does serving others look like in your life? Does truly serving others mean that you give up everything that presently matters to you? Clearing up misconceptions about serving other people can help us better understand what God wants us to do. If you’re on a mission to discover your purpose and to find something that you can be passionate about, you can start with God’s plan for you to serve other people. He’s given us everything we need to serve others today!

Meeting Practical Needs
Matthew 25:35-40 (TPT)
“For when you saw me hungry, you fed me. When you found me thirsty, you gave me drink. When I had no place to stay, you invited me in, and when I was poorly clothed, you covered me. When I was sick, you tenderly cared for me, and when I was in prison you visited me.” Then the godly will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty and give you food and something to drink? When did we see you with no place to stay and invite you in? When did we see you poorly clothed and cover you? When did we see you sick and tenderly care for you, or in prison and visit you?’ “And the King will answer them, ‘Don’t you know? When you cared for one of the least of these, my little ones, my true brothers and sisters, you demonstrated love for me.’”

When we think about doing something that relates to our Kingdom purpose, we often get visions of grandeur. Why wouldn’t we? When we think about the fact that God has called us and commissioned us, we understand that the options are limitless. However, when discussing the importance of serving others and how to make that a reality, it’s important that you don’t get so caught up in looking for a huge opportunity that you miss the smaller ones.

Perhaps you feel like God is calling you to a life of mission work overseas. If so, that is an incredibly admirable way of serving others. Not only does it change the lives of the people you serve, but it will change your life as well. However, there is a lot of work that has to happen before a mission trip can take place. Travel plans, funding, setting up plans with the country and/or people group that you will be visiting, and other aspects all have to ironed out before you ever set foot on foreign soil.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t do anything to serve others while you’re waiting on that trip? Of course not! One of the best ways to serve others is to look for ways to meet some practical needs. According to the USDA, 13.8 million US homes were food insecure at some point in 2020. That means that there are probably hungry people around you right now. When you look for ways to meet practical needs, you’re truly serving others. It doesn’t always have to be “big and flashy.” Instead, service can sometimes look small. However, it isn’t small to the people you’re serving, and it isn’t small in the eyes of God.

Embracing Humility
Matthew 20:26-28 (TPT)
“But this is not your calling. You will lead by a completely different model. The greatest one among you will live as the one who is called to serve others, because the greatest honor and authority is reserved for the one with the heart of a servant. For even the Son of Man did not come expecting to be served but to serve and give his life in exchange for the salvation of many.”

One of the most important aspects of serving others is to embrace humility. Adopting a servant mindset doesn’t come naturally to us. From the time that we’re babies, we want what we want when we want it. You probably don’t remember it, but there was a time that you would just lie there and scream until someone fed you, changed you, played with you, or acknowledged you. While we learn how to convey our wishes in a healthier manner, we spend the rest of our lives trying to make sure that we’re getting what we want.

While we’re obviously responsible for the way that we behave in regard to our wants and needs, it doesn’t help that we live in a culture that tells us that we should always be looking out for “number one.” However, that mindset isn’t the way that God wants us to view others, and it’s not the way that Christ viewed Himself.

If there has ever been a person who was worthy of constantly being served, it was Jesus. However, He opted to look for ways to serve others. When we do the same, we can embrace humility, and gain a better understanding of the heart of God.

Doing It Better
John 14:12 (TPT)
“I tell you thi timeless truth: The person who follows me in faith, believing in me, will do the same mighty miracles that I do-even greater miracles than these because I go to be with my Father!”

While this verse speaks to the miracle-working power that believers in Christ have, it applies to other areas of life, including our commitment to serving others. Jesus gave us the perfect example of how to serve others. Armed with the example that He set, and with the added benefit of the Holy Spirit being actively working in our lives, we can serve others.

Christ said that His people would do greater works than He did, which includes serving others. Today, look for opportunities to be a servant of God and others. Doing so will change your life and the lives of the people you interact with.

A Closing Prayer:
Heavenly Father, I know that I am called to serve. Help me to see ways to meet the practical needs of others. Give me the boldness to follow through. In Christ’s name, Amen.

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